what getting to work before the sun rises looks like

I’m baaaack.

I’m not becoming a once a week blogger. Promise. It’s just that for the last two weeks, work and life have been unusually busy. I’m a working mother of a four year old, I know busy. I’m comfortable with busy. But usually for me, busy sounds like “Oh, sorry I forgot to pay the phone bill. I was busy helping Abby build a seaberry treat making machine.”

This was holiday prep at work – way too many silly meetings – extra projects at work – still more kindergarten shopping – weddings – large order for the shop – falling behind on the production schedule – multiple school festivities – colds for every member of the family sort of busy. It was a good mix of fun things and not so fun things.

I only have so much head space so when everything hits at once like that and I’m not expecting it, my brain sort of shuts down.  And I find that during times like this it is helpful to spend whatever spare moments I have doing nothing more than staring out the window, or snuggling, or building that seaberry treat making machine.

This week is looking better. Still busy, but I don’t feel overwhelmed.  Well, not terribly overwhelmed. Anyway, let’s make a date this week. Hey, let’s make a few! I’ll bring the tea.

Happy Monday.


5 thoughts on “what getting to work before the sun rises looks like

  1. Wow, you are making me feel like I have nothing to do and I actually thought I was busy. My daughter functions best like that, when she is crazy busy – I tend to check out and just bake or go see a movie because I feel to overloaded. Let’s make a date indeed, I’ll bring something sweet to go with the tea.

  2. I recognize the street. Is that bad or good?
    I used to leave for work before it got light outside…(until I decided to go to grad school). I hated it, because I am a night person…I was always tired.

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