evidence that my child is actually part fairy

She cries over wilted flowers.

She is the compost police in our house. “Daddy, that goes in the compost. It’s for the trees.”

She heard a Loreena McKennitt song in a movie (Tinkerbelle – go figure) soundtrack and immediately asked for more of “that very lovely voice”. After much youtubing, Mummer’s Dance is her current favorite song.

She doesn’t walk. She flits.

A flock of birds flying over head will stop her in her tracks. She stares up at them and whispers “Oh, beautiful.”

She has started referring to other people as “humans”.  “Mama, what are those humans doing?”


3 thoughts on “evidence that my child is actually part fairy

  1. I swear you make me laugh. What are those humans doing? That is GREAT!! I’m totally going to use that one. I think it is going to quickly become my favorite line.

    What a sweet old soul she seems to be. Lovely. Makes me want to give her a big hug, not in a creepy “who is this strange woman” way, just in a mommy way. How lucky you are to walk through life with her – I feel the same way about my daughter.

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