black and orange


I love the last work day before Halloween. There is something really wonderful about seeing the Mad Hatter and a gorilla walking around the financial district.

Speaking of the financial district, the whole city is in a World Series frenzy. For weeks, it has been a sea of black and orange downtown as people get. I don’t follow baseball. Not even a little, but it’s hard not to be interested. I’ll admit that in the beginning, I was hoping they would lose (don’t hurt me!). The shop is a block away from the ballpark and baseball season can make it difficult for Marcus to get to work. My thinking was the sooner they are out, the sooner baseball season is over. Parking in our building was $75 for those playoff games! But once they started getting farther along, it became fun. I think I’m the only person in this city who does not own a Giants jersey or hat. People on the bus will ask to no one in particular what the score is and several people will answer and start up conversation. Every bar is packed every night there’s a game. They were even playing the game in Trader Joe’s! They’re doing well so everyone is happy. I can’t imagine if they win. My best friend who is decidedly anti-sports is even watching the games. Crazy.

Last night we went to a spooky pumpkin party at Abby’s school and today is her Halloween parade. Then of course, there are this weekend’s festivities. Halloween is so much more fun with a kid. This is the first year Abby was completely responsible for her costume. Last year she had veto power but I had the ideas. This year, she had very definite ideas. I would have never picked out this costume for her but I love seeing what she picked.

Here she is last year when I still had influence.

All I had to do was say “Hey Abby, would you like a Madeline dress?” and she was sold. I’ll be back on Monday with this year’s costume.

I hope you have a wonderful Halloween weekend! What are your plans?


3 thoughts on “black and orange

  1. Aw, that’s a precious costume 🙂 I’m sure the World Series hype has been intense. It was here, too, in Philly, for a spell, and then we, um, got knocked out of the game… *cough, cough*

    Can’t wait to see the new outfit!

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