things to do on a rainy sunday

Watch the new Tinkerbell movie…twice.

Leave shiny things around the doll house to attract fairies.

Pretend that it is sunny out.

Throw feathers in the air over and over again.

Consider taking down the Halloween decorations. Decide against it.

Draw pictures for the fairies attracted by the shiny objects.

Read every Charlie and Lola book we have (12) in one sitting.

Consider going out when the rain lets up. Decide instead to marvel at the beauty of the clouds from the window.

With the busy holiday season officially here, I need to remember to allow time for a few of these lazy Sundays. They really are wonderful. Both of us went to sleep saying “Today was the best day ever!”

Happy Monday!


3 thoughts on “things to do on a rainy sunday

  1. Jeanette – I added a link to the C&L site. They are really cute. The author and illustrator, Lauren Child, is amazing. They are British and quirky and cute and funny and sweet and silly and illustrated in a darling collage style. Abby can’t get enough of them. Neither can I. The author also did a wonderful version of Princess and the Pea. It is another of Abby’s bedtime favorites that I can highly recommend.

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