“hey abby, do you want to go to a place called children’s fairyland this weekend?”

Do you really think she’d say no to that?

“It’s a nice place for dress up. Would you like to wear a princess dress or a regular dress?”

Can you guess her answer?

I’ve mentioned my feelings about amusement parks before. Children’s Fairyland is not that kind of amusement park. It has much more in common with Train Town which I was a big fan of.  It is a small and sweet little storybook park that has been around since the 50’s I believe and I would guess that little has changed since then.

There was even a puppet show – Abby’s first. I think this was my favorite part of the day. I haven’t seen a proper puppet show since I was a child and they are pretty hard to come by. I saw this production of Peter Pan a few months ago and it rekindled my love for the art.

I’m sure I’ve said it before, but one of the many things I love about being a parent is having an excuse to go to places like this. I’m fairly certain I love them as much as Abby does. I love them for myself and I really love watching her experience them. One of our friends who is an antiques and collectibles dealer was actually upset that we didn’t think to invite him along. You have to be with a child to be admitted and the poor fellow has none. We had to promise to take him soon.

I also spent much of the weekend speaking in an over the top British accent. Let me be clear that the only talent I have for accents is mangling them spectacularly. I did it for Abby on Saturday to make her laugh and she insisted on it for the rest of the weekend. She wouldn’t talk to me unless I did “the silly voice”. Since I like talking to Abby, I obliged. But seriously, I almost ordered my tea at Pete’s this morning in “the silly voice”.

“Oh, Daaahling! Might I have a spot of tea?”

Happy Monday.


4 thoughts on ““hey abby, do you want to go to a place called children’s fairyland this weekend?”

  1. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I WANT TO GO! How delightful, I don’t blame your friend one bit for being mad at you, I’m a little miffed I couldn’t go. It looks like just a magical place and a puppet show, gosh it’s been decades. I love that little crooked looking cottage and the 3 men in the little tub on the water, is that winkin’ blinkin’ and nod do you think? My daughter and I used to speak with accents all the time, she could do British and Southern quite well by the age of like 4. My favorite photo is the one where she is looking into the mouth of the whale. It captures the wonder of childhood quite well I think. LOVE that you let her dress up for the day – bravo momma!

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