a tale of two thanksgivings and a halloween

I come from a small family and I always envied my friends whose families had big raucous filled holidays. Since marrying the youngest of 6 kids, I got my wish. This year’s celebration was on the smaller end of the spectrum at about 40 guests. It is always a good time with lots of kids tearing around. Just the kind I always wanted.

My in laws are not from America and are not really familiar with traditional Thanksgiving dishes. Turkey is usually the only thing traditional about the menu. So I usually end up buying a pumpkin pie and some stove top to serve with the leftover Turkey they send us home with just to get my fix. This year we had the idea to start a tradition of having a second Thanksgiving, smaller and with a more “American” menu for my mother and I and also so Abby would know the joy of pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after Thanksgiving.

We ended up on a bit a goose chase to get our tree the morning of Thanksgiving #2 and got home rather late in the afternoon. We never got around to getting a turkey and decided instead on game hen since we had a ton of turkey leftover from Thanksgiving #1. Since I got such a late start I eliminated some dishes and kept to the essentials. Abby didn’t like any of it and Marcus ended up having to work so it was just my mom and I eating. It was very much like the Thanksgivings of my childhood. Next year I’ll try to plan a bit better but I guess all traditions have to start somewhere.

In other news, I finally found the SD reader and was able to upload Halloween pictures, um, a month late. Whatever. Here is Abby in all her Halloween glory.

She was a musketeer. But not just any musketeer…a Barbie musketeer. I kind of really love that this is what she chose for herself. It is so completely her right now. Pink and gold and sparkles, but also out to save the world. The only problem was that not many people are familiar with pink and gold musketeers, if you can imagine. So she got a lot of “Are you a princess?” Are you a cowgirl?” “Cowgirl princess, perhaps?” Abby didn’t appreciate this. “Mama! That lady called me a cowgirl! What’s a cowgirl? Why doesn’t she know that I am a musketeer?”

I tried to keep Abby away from the Barbie movies for as long as possible because the animation totally creeps me out. Really, it’s weird. But she saw a whole wall of them at Blockbuster so I gave in. Luckily, most of them are too scary for Abby – she can’t do anything with bad guys, wicked queens, etc. But Musketeer Barbie was just vague enough to be really exciting yet not too scary and it was life changing for Abby. To be sure, Alexandre Dumas is rolling in his grave over D’Artagnan’s daughter Corrine and her adventures as a palace maid/secret musketeer but Abby watched the whole thing with stars in her eyes. And when the pink and ruffle clad hero turned down a date with the king because “she had somewhere else to be” and rode off into the sunset with her girly gang, Abby said “Wow. She’s going to save the world!” Well, I guess I can deal with creepy animation and plot holes galore. The girl is serious about her musketeering. She practices her moves every day and tells anyone who will listen about how she is going to be a musketeer when she grows up. That’s my girl.


5 thoughts on “a tale of two thanksgivings and a halloween

    • Seriously – every single day. She’s getting really good. 😉 And I’m not sure why the feather in the hat and the sword didn’t tip anyone off. 🙂

  1. she’s the prettiest musketeer i’ve ever seen, including barbie! maia is like abbie in that she can’t watch cartoons with evil characters in them and when she saw the Barbie Musketeer film she got nightmares for a month (that someone was cutting her back with a knife). it broke my heart because i thought it would get her interested in fencing. i guess it’s not time yet.

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