happy holidays, oh wait, i mean happy holiday

We are making our holiday cards this year. We’ve been meaning to for the last few years and could never get it together in time. We are getting a later start than I would like, but I think we’ll make it. This is just a mock up (Marcus forgot the s in Holidays). We were just checking the layout which Marcus did in about five minutes. The final version will be screen printed.

I wanted gnomes and blue dotty snow and Marcus wanted it to look like a dada poster. It was also his idea to print the whole sheet. The idea is that when you put it on your mantle or wherever, you can display the whole thing and not just the front. Also, when it is folded, it looks kind of nonsensical, like a dada poster.

The finger is pointing to the back so you know to look there.

What about you? Are you making, buying or forgetting the whole thing (like I did last year)? Did you send yours yet? Or are you last minute like me?


2 thoughts on “happy holidays, oh wait, i mean happy holiday

  1. Really cute!

    I haven’t sent any yet, but I didn’t make them this year either… Last year we did this huge flip book project and sent those out (over-achiever). So this year, I purchased from one of my favorite letterpress ladies because I was too lazy to make them myself.

  2. I LOVE THEM!! That cheeky finger pointing to the back is fun and having something to look at when it’s all the way open is a great idea. The blue dots and knome, okay I’m clear here, love them. I have made my cards for the past 8 years but this year I was feeling a little too sad about our dog not being with us and I just ordered them, with a photo of him and our daughter. Got them all mailed the day before Thanksgiving – otherwise I know they just wouldn’t get done. Bravo on your cards!

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