color theory for a four year old

“Mama, what does red and yellow make?”


“What makes purple?”

“Red and blue.”

“How do you make blue?”

“You don’t. Blue is a primary.”

“What does pink, purple, brown, orange and yellow make?”

“A mess.”

Abby is fascinated by color. She always has been. We have a lot of colorful houses in San Francisco and starting around the time she was a year old, she would point to any house we walked by and grunt until I told her what color it was. By 18 months she knew all the standard colors and she also knew colors like olive green, periwinkle, rust, and taupe.

Lately, she’s been really interested in the idea of colors making other colors. It totally blows her mind and she asks me about it several times a day. Every day. To help her wrap her mind around it, we’ve started having color mixing labs. The girl can’t get enough. And I can’t get enough of the look on her face when she makes a new color. Precious.


5 thoughts on “color theory for a four year old

  1. Fascinating. I’m terrible with color and I think that’s why I shy away from it and have a very minimal palette in my home and clothing. Obviously I was nothing like Abby. It will be so interesting to see how this progresses with her.

    • Jeanette – me too! I love to look at color, but I never wear it. I am usually in black or grey. Today I am wearing a plaid shirt that has very muted reds and blues and that is about as colorful as I get. Of course, I’m wearing black jeans and a black coat with it. Wouldn’t want to get too crazy. I should post a photo of my closet next to a photo of Abby’s closet. 🙂

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