friday night: close to home

Hello friends. It is cold here. Ok, if you are on the east coast or somewhere that is really cold, you can roll your eyes now. But for me and my 50-70 degree Northern California comfort zone, once it starts dipping into the 30’s, it feels like we’re entering a new ice age. And I love it. I love popping out into the bracing, icy air and scurrying back into the cozy warmth of my house, a café, the bus, or whatever. I imagine myself in the North of Lyra Belacqua’s world, on the lookout for an armored bear. I realize that I don’t know true cold, but I am enjoying myself all the same.

In a rare turn of events, Marcus wasn’t working on Friday night. But the chilly temperatures were hindering out motivation to go anywhere. We ended up deciding on a neighborhood crawl after a soup dinner at home. Sometimes I wonder why I ever leave my neighborhood at all.

Nutella crepes all around. The only seating is outdoor seating. Brrr.

Warming up with tea and horsie rides at the ice cream shop.

After some bookshop browsing, the Chairman Bao truck was open and we snacked on pork and veggie buns.

Later at home as we were getting ready for bed, I heard some commotion outside. We looked out our window to find the San Francisco Bike Party riding by. Abby ran to the window and excitedly yelled “Sparkles Mama! They have sparkle bikes!” Many of the partiers cheered and waved to Abby. She spent the next little while waving to the 500 bike party goers who rode past our house.

When she asked us about it, Marcus told her it was a San Francisco thing.

“Good thing we live in San Francisco then.”

Yes Abby, good thing indeed.

Happy Monday.


12 thoughts on “friday night: close to home

    • Haha! Yes, it was after the crepes, but we just had tea and Abby wanted some toast. It’s really a cafe with ice cream. They have regular food too. I have been known to eat ice cream after crepes, but it was just too cold for ice cream. 🙂

  1. Abby is sooooo sweet! And I know what you mean about the cold…the coldest temperature we’ve had here this winter was 41 farenheit, which for us is VERY cold (and it was at night).

    • 41 is very cold here too. It has gone into the 30’s a few times, but mostly it’s been in the low 40’s. But I heard that there is something about being by the water that makes temps feel colder. And then when you are not used to it…brrr! It must be a welcome change from the summer for you though. Are you enjoying it?

      • i love winter! i hate the heat (and i’ve made it clear many times on my blog) and here it’s quite humid too. the humidity makes the cold colder and the heat stifling. i feel colder here than i do abroad at lower temperatures. also, our houses are built out of limestone and it’s not great with the cold.

  2. Yum, nutella crepes.
    I think it IS cold here, and I also feel bad complaining about it. Especially when you think about the storms in the South and the NorthEast…

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