it was a dark and stormy night

Okay, maybe not stormy. Drizzly is more like it. But it sure was dark. We had a black out last night – Abby’s first. I thought the power only went out during storms. It certainly wasn’t storming last night. We brought out the candles and tried to make it fun for her but the poor thing is such a worrier. And she’s brave and proud too. So she put on a brave and slightly manic smile and was practically bouncing off the walls with nervous energy. And she asked questions.  Many, many questions.  

But how am I supposed to draw? I need to see to draw.

But how will I pick out gifts for my aunties?

Does the computer work? Daddy needs the computer.

Will it work tomorrow?

Does the TV work?

Will it work tomorrow?

The lights will be back on soon?

What if I need to see something?

Can I play in the dark?

It’s okay that the lights are out when we go to bed because we need it dark to sleep anyway?

Can we make food in the dark?

Will it be dark in the morning?

The big phone (cordless land line) doesn’t work but that’s ok because the other phones (cell) work?

Who will blow out the candles when we go to bed?

Will the bus be dark when you go to work?

And on and on and on.

We made her in charge of the flashlight and that seemed to help. And she discovered that she can indeed play by candle light. Before I went to bed, we went around the house making sure the stove and all the lights were off so that the whole house didn’t light up when the power came back on, which as it turned out, was only after an hour. You have to know that I forgot one. Which one do you think it was? The bedroom light. And guess when it came back on? Yes, about 2 seconds before I would have been sound asleep. Of course.

The blackout served as a good reminder that we need more emergency supplies. Only one of the flashlights had working batteries and we could do with more food that doesn’t require cooking. We used to have lots of water until we drank it all. But we have plenty of candles and the house smelled really nice last night.

What about you? Do your emergency supplies consist of more than pretty scented candles and a car charger for the iphone?


2 thoughts on “it was a dark and stormy night

  1. I don’t know! Now I’m wondering if I even have a car charger for my phone. Got a new one a while back and I can’t remember, drat. I have many candles and we usually have a few 5 gallon jugs of water but food you don’t have to cook is a good one, would have never thought of that. There is always a jar of Nutella in my cupboard so I’m good for a day or so 🙂

  2. we get power cuts pretty frequently (not as frequently as when i was a kid, which was twice a week on average) so we are used to it. it’s annoying but our world doesn’t stop. we use a laptop on battery, cook on the stove which uses gas (our gas, not your equivalent of petrol!) and play board games. abby is too sweet and so clever! few children her age would think of the things she worried about.

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