monday miscellaney. oh, and yay me!

Happy Monday!

It was a beautiful, sunny weekend. We had a pre-birthday celebratory brunch with three Aunties and it was like Christmas all over for Abby.

“Mama, how many days until Auntie brunch?”

And because she is so freaking sweet, Abby spent last week gathering little treasures to give as gifts to the Aunties. I got her some little boxes and she filled them with sequins, rhinestones, stickers, rings, and candy. One Auntie called it a box of magic. It was. As all three ooh’d and aah’d over them, Abby’s face lit up and she just beamed with joy and pride. I could have cried.

Our brunches are marathons – we always do a cafe/bakery crawl after brunch. We left the house at 11am and got home at 5pm. Because what better to follow coffee and pancakes than coffee and macarons?

We went for carousel rides in the park yesterday. This one is walking distance from our house, but with the madness of the holidays, it has been a while since we’ve been. During a snack break from playing, we fed the birds. Did people stop teaching their children to be gentle with animals? Because when I was a kid, it seemed every adult was quick to point out future psychopaths based on the treatment of the neighborhood animals. Did I just grow up around a bunch of hippies? It seemed that every child in the park was out for blood. Chasing is one thing, but kicking? I was going to say something, but Abby took care of it for me.

“Excuse me! The birdies don’t like that!”

“I am trying to feed the birdies and you are not letting me!”

“Stop doing that!!!”

And now for the “yay me” bit.

I won the Paddywax giveaway over at Everton Terrace! See? Yay me! It’s happy dance time! I’ve never won a giveaway before. Thanks Jeanette!


5 thoughts on “monday miscellaney. oh, and yay me!

  1. Yes, happy dance all around and I was quite tickled you won the giveaway. Is it your birthday today? I made a mental note a while back and for some reason I think today was the day, if so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY friend. If not, read this at appropriate time 🙂

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