36 things that are awesome

1. It is my 36th birthday and I am not at work.

2. Finding a heart in my apple pie.

3. I haven’t had a haircut in 6 months (not awesome) but I’m getting one today (awesome)!

4. The Final Countdown on cello.

5. These two.

6. When I tell Abby I am a silly lady, she says “No Mama! You are a silly girl!”

7. More birthday pancakes, this time made by Marcus.

8. Anthropologie latte bowls in discontinued colors for $2.

9. Restaurants that look like sparkly forests.

10. The beach on a cold day.

11. Most of the cards I received this year were intended for little girls.

12. Fall leaves in January.

13. My mother saying, “Are you turning 36?” This is awesome because she got it wrong last year.

14. Giant bouncy slides.

15. Happy window dances.

16. The Magnolia Bakery vanilla cupcake recipe baked as a layer cake – substituting brown sugar for half the white sugar. Best birthday cake ever.

17. Baking assistants who make the kitchen look like this.

18. A husband who really really really wants to buy you a cake because he doesn’t think anyone should bake their own birthday cake.

19. Baking your own birthday cake.

20. Apocalyptica.

21. Finland’s apparent love of seriously rocking the cello.

22. Israeli couscous. Go make some now!

23. Dover coloring books. I got the Medieval Fashions coloring book for my birthday. The Chaucer coloring book is awesome too.

24. 4 cups of coffee before sunrise.

25. Finding fairy houses at the park.

26. Giant rainbows outside my office.

27. This box of oatmeal.

28. Stargazer lilies.

29. The key to the castle.

30. This title for a book.

31. Jelly fish.

32. Did I mention coffee? Coffee is really awesome.

33. The Ditty Bops.

34. Putting that black Hawaiian sea salt from Trader Joe’s on dulce de leche ice cream. Hello salted caramel!

35. Kate DiCamillo. Go read The Tale of Despereaux right now. Go!

36. You! You are awesome.


8 thoughts on “36 things that are awesome

  1. Happy birthday dear Bronwyn! I never thought I’d say this to anyone I’ve never actually met but I am glad you’re in my life. I feel you’re a kindred spirit and the fact that you’re halfway round the globe just makes it that much more special. Have a fantastic day (and I love your list)!

  2. and YOU. I think you are also awesome. I love your list, okay I don’t like coffee but that’s okay because if we were in person friends, you could have it all and that would make us both happy ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Happy day.

  3. Oh Happy (late) Birthday to you lovely girl (love that your daughter calls you a girl which at 36 you sure are ) and all your lovely things, hope you had a lovely day XXX

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