More treasure this weekend.

Abby was so pleased with the reactions she got with her boxes of magic that she has decided to spread the joy. Abby started leaving sequins in various shapes in the hallway of our apartment building for the neighbors to find. She was disappointed when no one noticed them. I explained that many grown ups don’t notice things like that. I do, but I’m a silly girl after all.

She then started throwing them out the window down to the street below in the hope that some children would walk by and notice them. Still no luck. So I suggested that we bring them to the park. Jackpot!

At one point, Abby was running through the sand tossing sequins in the air while two sisters chased after her picking up as many as they could, scrambling to catch them mid air. When she ran out of treasures, she started to pick flowers and distribute them.

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to go to the park without sequins again. I’ll need to stock up.

She is already planning more magic boxes for Valentines Day and wants to include her London Auntie. Magic in the mail.

Speaking of magic in the mail, have you seen the giveaway at Tollipop right now? Kirsten is giving away a goody bag that includes two of her prints and the rest of the contents are a secret. If you don’t know Tollipop, please go there right now. It is, hands down, the most magical place on the internet. Her stories and images of her girls, both real and imagined, are food for the soul. I suggest that you make yourself a cup of tea and get comfortable. You’ll want to spend a lot of time in the archives.

I have been imagining the contents of Kirsten’s goody bag since she announced it. I bet there is a leprechaun and his pot of gold in there. Is it possible to box up a rainbow? I’m sure she could figure out a way.

Do you like to put together goody bags? What do fill them with?

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I did have a lovely day. I hope you are finding some magic this weekend.


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