a walk in the park

On Sunday I had nothing planned other than enjoying the beautiful spring like day.

So like most other weekend days that we have no plans, we walked up to the park.  

I often think about what sort of childhood memories Abby will have when she is grown. I wonder what places will stand out. Certainly, Golden Gate Park will be the park of her childhood memories. But I wonder what parts. There are about 7 or 8 places we frequent and an endless number of places to explore.

I hope she remembers these leisurely Sunday strolls we take, with only a vague idea of where we will end up.

Will she remember how she marvels at the waterfall every time she sees it?

Will she remember how the seagulls fly close and make eye contact in hopes that a scrap of bread will be tossed in their direction?

Will she remember the ducks that she befriended?

Or that she always points out the way the light pours through tree branches and that she likes red leaves best of all?

What about the discovery of wild patches of honeysuckle and sour grass added to the list of flowers she is allowed to pick?

I think she will remember the acorn cakes we make.

But if she doesn’t, it’s okay. I will remember. And I will tell her about it every chance I get.


4 thoughts on “a walk in the park

  1. Lovely day. This is something I have thought about over the years. The things my daughter has remembered and even more so, the things she has not – which always throws me because the girls has a remarkable memory. I think I could have skipped all the birthday parties and things from before the age of like 8 because she hardly remembers a thing, but of course, as you said – I remember.
    The other thing I think about it is that these moments are building blocks, roots they will need later. I’m SO looking forward to grandchildren someday 🙂

  2. Do you have ANY IDEA how lucky you are to have spaces like that near your home? We’ve got other things that make this island special but one always longs for the things they don’t have and for me it’s trees and water. We’ve got plenty of water surrounding us but definitely no waterfalls or rivers or lakes. Abby will have some amazing memories.

  3. This was so beautiful, bronwyn!

    She’ll remember. Maybe not the whole trips from there to there, but she’ll remember images and feelings. I bet red leaves and waterfalls will always make her toes curl up with joy. That’s how it is for me whenever I happen upon a sound or sensation or smell from my childhood summers at the farm. I’m there. I’m in the hallway, snooping for chocolate cake in the dented tin under the bench. I’m by the stream, picking red currants. I’m in the barn, putting my hand to giant, warm cow bellies to feel them rumble.

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