theatre mania



I took Abby to see her first play the other day. There was a children’s production of Enchanted Sleeping Beauty at the Palace of the Legion of Honor museum. Here’s the thing about Abby. She’s really sensitive to sensory input and can have some funny reactions. When something is really exciting she often has a manic surge of energy as if she has eaten six bags of M&M’s. Often the reaction is delayed. 

I had to carry her out of the theatre because she was suddenly very sleepy. After a snack we went out to the courtyard.

“Oh Abby, I always forget how pretty this building is. Why don’t I take your picture?”


“Oh, okay. Maybe in a minute. I see you’re feeling a little better.”

“Maybe now? No? Oh, you want to leave the courtyard? Sure, we can go to the woods over there if you like.”

“Oh, you’ve changed your mind! Back to the courtyard it is.”

“Oh The Thinker! That’s quite famous, you know. That’s a good idea. I should take your picture in front of it.”

“Oh yes Darling. That’s very funny. Yes, I see that you are behind The Thinker. But I can’t actually see you, you know. Oh, yes. I see your arm. That is very funny Sweetie. Let’s try standing in front now.”

“Well, that’s a little better. Let’s try this another way.”

“Oh forget it!”

Um, I think she liked the play.




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