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Ever since I discovered the kinds of books I am capable of reading at 5am, I’ve been reading a lot more. Last year I read more than I have in several years. I’ve made it a goal to read even more this year. To keep track, I’m going to post my monthly reads here. Here are January’s.

The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass

Why, why, why haven’t I read these before? The Golden Compass was the last book I read in 2010. Wait. Actually it was James and the Giant Peach. I let Abby pick from my bookshelves which book I read next. She picked The Golden Compass but she insisted that I read James and the Giant Peach before I continue with the series. It was fine since I didn’t have the other books yet.

The day Abby and I went to pick up the next two books, there were 2 girls of about 12 browsing. One girl was considering The Lightning Thief. Her friend was trying to convince her to get the Golden Compass so she could read the series because “The Amber Spyglass is the best book ever! No really! It’s the best book ever!” She was totally right. I can’t get over how good these were.

Dinosaurs Before Dark and The Knight at Dawn

OK, so now I’m going to cheat a bit. The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass were the only books I read on my own this month. I mostly only read on the bus and when I like a book, I tend to read it a little slow. I miss things when I rush. So I’m going to include some books I read with Abby. I have just started to read chapter books with her. We started with The Magic Tree House books and so far she loves them. She groans when it’s time to put them away until tomorrow and begs for one more chapter. I can see the appeal. They are adventurous and most chapters end in a bit of a cliff hanger. Well, a cliff hanger for a four year old anyway.

And while I’m at it, let me mention some of my favorite picture books that we read this month. These are from the Christmas stash.

How Robin Saved Spring

This is a really lovely tale about Lady Winter and Sister Spring. Lady Winter does not want to go to sleep for the next 9 months and decides that winter should never end. It is told in the style of a folktale and both Abby and I really loved the personifications of the seasons. Also, the illustrations are stunning.

The Village of Basketeers

This is illustrated by the same illustrator as How Robin Saved Spring. Again, the illustrations are gorgeous. I need to get more books by this illustrator. The story is about a strong wind that comes to a village of basketeers and blows everything to the stars and how they finally get the wind to leave them. It is a really sweet little fairy tale.

So that’s it for this month. What are you reading right now?


6 thoughts on “january reads

  1. Oh how I miss children’s books. Well reading them. I do buy them as gifts for my friend’s children and I get overwhelmed at what is good with the new stuff. Am going to write your suggestions down (I’d LOVE winter to last for 9 months).
    The Amber Spyglass huh, okay will also put that one on my list. I read much less now but listen to audiobooks all the time. My current is the last in a SciFi trilogy a friend suggested called The Hero of Ages. Both my husband and I are really enjoying the series. I’ll read almost anything (maybe not romance novels but anything else).

  2. I’m currently reading David Cross “I drink for a reason” but finished “the hunger games” last year and loved the series! Highly recommended! The dark materials were great too.

  3. Jeanette – will look into the hero of ages. 🙂
    Krissy – the premise of the hunger games chokes me up. is it very sad for sensitive souls?

  4. I adore His Dark Materials, too. Fnacy metaphusics and fantay for children! And they love it! Plus a really poignant love s-fi bytory. I was sold.

    I’ve just finished Roadside Picnic, a classic sci-fi novella by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky. Don’t you just love those names? It was good. Unsettling, the way good sci-fi is supposed to be. I craved more of an ending, though. It was a giant dot dot dot, and I’m so used to the fat, yeasty, rounded ends of novels I sort of felt a little cheated.

    Right now I’m reading The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie. I’m only about fifty pages in yet, so I’ll report back later. I do like his brutal, flawed portraits, even if they sometimes read as caricatures. But it’s looking like there might be a war, and I liked the last book of The Blade Itself least of the three because of the endless fighting. We shall see.

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