okay, okay. i’m starting to get it.

Did you have a nice Valentine’s Day?

I have never been big on the day myself. I suppose I liked it well enough as a kid but once I reached adolescence well, it made me nervous. Now, don’t get me wrong. I was a typical boy crazy teenage girl. I loved boys.

In theory.

That is to say, from a distance. A great distance. But Valentine’s Day is one of those days that makes people do strange, unpredictable things like express affection. And this is lovely but when you are shy and socially awkward kid, this is just as bad as being completely ignored, which happened often enough too.

My first Valentine’s out of high school, I started dating someone right before Valentine’s Day. The day before. He gave me a rose on Valentine’s Day. That was nice.

Then the next year, I was already with Marcus. I had a boyfriend and I was in love and I was really excited for the first time. But everything about the day felt so forced. He’s supposed to buy me flowers. We’re supposed to go out to a nice dinner. It was a let down. Since then, we have been content to spend the day with take out and a movie and have acknowledged it less and less over the years.

Then a sweet little girl who is love personified comes along and I am starting to get it. The celebration of love in all its forms. It seems we have developed a tradition of a Valentine’s Day family beach picnic which we had on Sunday this year. I dropped the ball on making valentines this year but I managed to get some small gifts and we had a nice dinner together. Abby came home from school with lavender bath salts for me. I don’t remember getting quite so fancy when I was in school.

This post has me all excited for next year. I love the idea of sending care packages to special friends.

I hope hope Valentine’s Day was a great start to your week!


One thought on “okay, okay. i’m starting to get it.

  1. A beach picnic sounds lovely. I’m in the opposite place, suppose it’s because my daughter is grown now. Valentine’s Day got wrapped up in her birthday (day before) so it was always celebrated like an extension of her birthday. Now that she’s gone, my husband and I kind of ignore it for the most part. I asked him to pick up eggs on his way home last night and he grabbed a bag of chocolates as a token 🙂

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