this is not snow

But I bet you knew that already.

It was supposed to snow this weekend for the first time in 35 years. Real snow. The kind that sticks. The kind you can make a snowman with. And not just in the hills but at sea level. Abby and I were giddy with the possibility of making a snowman on the beach. Snow on the beach!

It did not snow.

There were reports of flurries on Twin Peaks but 50 people who stood out there into the wee hours of the morning beg to differ.

It did not snow.

It was always just a possibility of snow, but I let my imagination get the better of me. In my mind, I was already tobogganing down Lombard. Instead of snow there was sunshine. Lots of cool, crisp sunshine. My favorite kind of sunshine. But it wasn’t snow. I wanted snow.

It snowed once about 10 years ago, but it melted as soon as it hit the ground so it doesn’t count as real snow. I watched in wonder in front of the little restaurant where I worked as a waitress. I watched until someone wanted a lemonade refill. Don’t you know it is snowing? Who drinks lemonade when it snows? And who ignores snow in San Francisco? To this day, that is the only time I have ever seen snow fall.

In other news, Abby and I watched the Oscars last night. I have been really out of touch with films this year and was unfamiliar with most. Abby loved the pretty dresses and that Mia from The Princess Diaries was hosting. She changed into a princess dress at once. The highlight of show for me went like this.

Me (thinking to myself): What category is this? Oh, best score (looks away).   

Me (thinking to myself): That’s funny. The winner’s name sort of looked like “Trent Reznor” for a moment. I wonder what it actually was.

Me (looking back at screen): It does say Trent Reznor. That is Trent Reznor! OMG Trent Reznor just won an Oscar!

Phone rings.

Me (answering the phone without looking at caller ID because I know exactly who it is): OMG! Did you just see Trent Reznor win an Oscar???

My BFF Lea: OMG! Trent Reznor just won an Oscar!

Me: I know! I saw!

Abby: Mama, what are you talking about?

I was a bit angsty and melodramatic in my teen years. This was in the 90’s so of course Trent Reznor was my biggest celebrity crush. The one I apparently never got over.

What about you? Did you watch? What was your favorite moment?


8 thoughts on “this is not snow

  1. Yes, I watched the entire thing. I’m obsessed with movies so the award shows are interesting to me. Trent Reznor also won a golden globe for the same thing… The social network was a pretty stellar movie.

    I love that Abby got into a dress to watch!

    • I have been so out of it this year that I didn’t even know there was a movie about facebook! And I totally missed the golden globes this year so I was even more in the dark. I used to be really into it but I just haven’t had much time to go to movies anymore. 😦

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  2. Also loving that Abby got into a dress, I should have done that – what a hoot. We watched but zipped through most of the speeches and writing type awards.
    I was a teenager before I saw snow falling. It’s such a beautiful thing and so very quiet – kind of magical. I was up in northern Arizona this weekend and we woke up Sunday morning to 5 inches of it. Quite lovely. We had like 1 minute of flurries this winter here in Phoenix, it was soo exciting 🙂

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