february reads part 2 – abby


Abby responded so well to chapter books, that I got a bunch of different ones to try out. I wanted to see what kind of stories spoke to her the most. Here are the chapter books we read together in February:

The Magic Treehouse #5, Night of the Ninjas

More magic tree house. Abby was drawn to the cover of this book and didn’t really understand about it being out of sequence. That’s fine though because the 3rd book is about mummies and a ghost and I think it would freak her out. In the fourth book, the kids get kidnapped by pirates. Abby likes pirates but she does not like kidnapping. So ninjas it was. And she loved it. I love hearing her say “ninja”.

Rani and the Mermaid Lagoon (Disney Fairies)

Disney Fairy books are way better than the princess ones, some of which are just so painful to read out loud. The stories are pretty typical adventures for this age but not quite as exciting as the Magic Tree House books. What sets these boos apart are the illustrations. They are filled with beautiful watercolors. Abby didn’t seem as engaged in this book as she did with the Magic Tree House Books but she said she liked it just as much.

Magic Pony Carousel #1: Sparkle the Circus Pony

Abby loves pink, sparkles and carousels. The cover of this book is pink and the pony’s name is Sparkle and he lives on a magic carousel. This book looks like it marched straight out of Abby’s brain. But once the carousel transports the little girl to the circus, there is very little magic. Well, besides the talking pony. I didn’t think it was very exciting. Abby said she really liked it but she got distracted a lot when we were reading.

Mercy Watson to the Rescue

This was so cute! It is written by Kate DiCamillo who wrote The Tale of Despereaux, otherwise known as the best book ever. Anyway, if you’ve ever read her, this is nothing like her other books. It’s just a very good, sweet, silly story about a sweet and silly pig. No heart wrenching here. Abby loved it and was totally engaged throughout. When we finished it she asked if there are more Mercy books. I’ll be getting more of the series.

The Lighthouse Family: The Storm

(pictured above) This was my favorite book we read this month. Abby’s too. Seriously, I would read this by myself. It is the sweetest, coziest story. It feels very Victorian. It has a bit of melancholy which I find appealing, but nothing too sad or dark. It’s about a lonely lighthouse keeper and how she ends up with a family. There is just enough danger to be really exciting too. And the writing is just so beautiful. Abby was completely enchanted with the drawings of the lighthouse and wants to live in one now. I do too.


Picture Books:

The Perfect Match by Wayne Anderson –

This was, by far, the most requested picture book this month. My favorite book as a kid was called Ratsmagic by the same author. The imagery from that book has stayed with me my whole life. I came across this book on Amazon and had to get it. Some of Anderson’s illustrations are quite dark and I wondered if Abby would think they were creepy. It’s hard to tell with her sometimes. She loves this book. I mean, really loves it like no other book she has loved. There’s not much of a story. The premise is that the witch and the magician are getting married and the book is filled with the fantastical creatures who will be the guests. Each page is cut into 4 so you can flip body parts around to mix and match and make different creatures. You can change out the heads, torsos, etc. At the back of the book, there are about 12 “honored guests” with names like Master Soothsayer or Dame Hobgoblin for you to find and also a little blurb about each. She has asked for this book every night since we got it and she flips through it on her own throughout the day.

I’m pretty sure she will remember this book when she is grown the way I remember Ratsmagic.


2 thoughts on “february reads part 2 – abby

  1. I am completely enchanted with The Perfect Match and have jotted it down to remember it when I’m buying gifts for my friends children. It sounds so fun! I haven’t read ANY of these books on the list.

  2. It’s really fun and magical and a bit creepy but in a good way. I’m not sure it’s still in print though. I got mine used on Amazon.

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