tulips and tea

I love this time of year. Rain is pounding against my window and tulips and daffodils are in the market. The in between time. Not quite spring but no longer winter. The best of both worlds.

While I gaze at the bit of spring on my coffee table, I am keeping myself cozy with a London Fog. Do you know London Fog? I don’t know if this is the official name, but one of my favorite lunch spots uses this name. I think it’s just right so I use it too. It’s just Earl Grey tea steeped in steamed milk. It’s cozy and perfect on gray, rainy, not quite spring days. If you try it, tell me how you like it.

Has spring sprung for you yet?


2 thoughts on “tulips and tea

  1. We are so far into spring here in Phoenix I know it’s like some people’s summer. It’s in the 80s lately with cool morning and evenings (50s). I’m trying to be outside as much as I can because the dreaded scorch of our summer is on the way.
    The strange thing about this girl with an English mother is…I don’t really like tea – hot or cold. I can tolerate an orange spice herbal once in a while. My daughter though, loves it and of course my mother drinks it by the bucket full šŸ™‚

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