i may look like a grown up (sort of) but looks can be deceiving

A random list of some things I’m really good at when it comes to being a parent:

  • Playing with Barbies
  • Playing with little driving bunnies
  • Snuggling
  • Saying “I love you”. Every time I do, Abby says “I knew you were going to say that!”
  • Giving hugs
  • Playing make believe
  • Getting Abby to eat her dinner (most of the time)
  • Reading bedtime stories
  • Kissing boo boos
  • Taking Abby on adventures and showing her the world
  • Being the Easter Bunny or Santa. And when the time comes, I know I will be an awesome Tooth Fairy
  • Making daisy chains
  • Making Abby feel cozy and safe and loved

One of the many things I’m not so good at:

  • School registration

The school assignment process has me down. I visited the school where Abby was assigned yesterday and it’s not good. So we will be participating in round 2 of the application process and if necessary, round 3 and the 10 day count (don’t even get me started on this). Deadlines, forms, standing in long lines in bureaucratic offices, these are not things that come naturally to me.

In fact the last couple of weeks have been far more grown up than I like. In addition to all the school stuff (of which there is a lot), work has been intense, Marc’s shop has been crazy busy, and taxes are due. What? You do yours in January? Whatever. I’m just not good at this stuff and I try to do as little as possible and in small chunks. My head nearly explodes when it hits all at once like this. Hence my inability to show my face here for a week.

So here’s my idea.

Those of us who are only adults chronologically should be able to hire the services of actual adults. I know there are accountants and personal assistants but what I have in mind is someone more akin to a mother. Some one to remind us to pay our bills, how much milk to buy to last the week, set our bedtime, tell us when to start dinner to have it ready by a decent time, make doctor’s appointments, demystify the art of organization and the like.

This person must, however, do these things gently, like a whisper in the ear and without making judgements about your ineptitude. I suppose since she will have access to your finances, it would also be nice if she didn’t steal.

Because really, I’d like to get back to playing with bunnies.


3 thoughts on “i may look like a grown up (sort of) but looks can be deceiving

  1. i feel the same way right now…we’re in the process of buying the flat we live in and the amount of paperwork/meetings with professionals is making my head spin. i’d rather be playing too.

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