the simple things

“Mama, I want to walk in tall grass.” Sometimes childhood dreams are very simple. Abby saw some princess in some movie frolicking in a lush field somewhere, I’m sure and has always wanted to do it herself. A simple enough request really, but where exactly does one find tall grass in the middle of the city? Forests, beaches, gardens, yes. We have those. We have plenty of grassy fields, just not the sort that reach up to your knees. And so this dream went unfulfilled until recently.

On a playdate at a new park, we found this tall grass of legend. I didn’t notice it at first but Abby stood at the edge of the field, eyes full of wonder, tugged on my shirt and whispered “That is tall grass.” How perfect that she and her friend had decided to make it a princess dress up day?

“You’ve always wanted to walk in tall grass! Go ahead, walk. Dance if you like.” I said. And for the rest of the day, Abby was the princess frolicking in a lush field.

Happy Monday!


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