not to go all jonathan livingston seagull on you…

Abby and I love to feed birds. Really love it. We often buy a loaf of bread or an extra bun at the dim sum shop when we are out in hopes that we will find some friends to share with. We feed them all – swans at the Palace of Fine Arts, little tree birds in the park, ducks at one of the many duck ponds around here. Abby can’t walk down our street without at least a few pigeons trailing behind her. Of all our bird friends, seagulls just might be my favorite.

I think I am in the minority here. Most people seem more annoyed with them than anything. They may not be the brightest or the most discerning of birds, but what they lack in these areas, they make up for in personality. Seagulls are funny. Have you ever seen seagulls squabbling over a scrap of bread? They are funny creatures.

And they make eye contact. You can have a conversation with a seagull. Yes, it’s always about food, but really, how often does one have the opportunity to converse with a bird?

And they are beautiful. On this particular day, the wind was strong and when they took to the air they flew against it and hovered in a dome around us. Have you ever been inside a dome of hundreds of hovering birds? Admittedly, thoughts of Alfred Hitchcock came to mind.

And that’s all part of the fun.


8 thoughts on “not to go all jonathan livingston seagull on you…

  1. They do look like scenes out of The Birds but I love your photos! I’ve always loved seagulls. We don’t get them her, very rarely. When we do, it’s a sign that rain is approaching and that always got me excited as a child (even now!).

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