This little girl turned five a few days ago.

So many changes recently. Growth spurts, preschool graduation (remember my weepy posts when she started preschool? Yeah, graduation makes me even weepier), a new school for kindergarten, a sudden fascination with Kowloon Walled City, a new pet, and now this milestone birthday which was spent in Fairyland.

I am throwing my first ever kiddie party this weekend. I hope to be back to my self soon.


2 thoughts on “5

  1. What a wonderful thing. Oh the joy of watching them grow. Can’t wait to hear how the party turned out!
    Yes I came back last week, for a while at least. Blogging when I have some free time and feel like it as opposed to feeling like I “have” to is a much better experience for me.
    Hope things are smooth sailing for you right now. I would LOVE to have a little curl in my hair 🙂 Right now it’s about 2″ long (and shorter on the sides) CRAZY.

  2. belated wishes to lovely abby! sorry i’m so late but was away from the computer the past few weeks. hope all is well your end and please tell abby special wishes are traveling all the way across the atlantic for her.

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