gnome doors

When Abby was smaller, I used to point out the cute, smallish basement entrances to the houses in our neighborhood. To me, they have always looked like magical cottage entrances so I told Abby that they were the gnome doors. Gnome doors? Yes, gnomes don’t enter through the front door you know.

She believed me for a while. I’m not sure when she realized I was just filling her head with nonsense (one of my favorite things to do) but at some point it became our little game to point out gnome doors. We sometimes take gnome door walks around the neighborhood. On this day, Abby decided to “gnome out” in front of all the gnome doors we came across.

Not all basement doors are gnome doors. Some are too “people-ish” to be gnome doors.

Bricks, rounded arches, and hanging greenery are sure signs of gnome doors.

This door isn’t very gnome-ish itself but we decided that the potted garden made it a gnome door.

No door here, but this is definitely a gnome garden.

I didn’t think this was a very gnomey door, but Abby thought the red and white color scheme was very gnome-ish.

More bricks and a potted garden. The humans who live in this house were slowly making their way down the front stairs as we passed. We had to wait for them to leave before taking this picture. Abby would not move on to the next house until they were gone, so gnome-ish was this door.

More bricks and the door is sunken below street level – so very gnomey.

Abby decided that this must be a gnome window, because gnomes need windows too.

Happy Monday!


8 thoughts on “gnome doors

    • Hi Denalee! Bronwyn is actually my middle name but I always wished it was my first and use it whenever I can get away with it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Obviously they need windows πŸ™‚

    This is just delightful. I think it’s wonderful that you create these magical moments for her that will become magical memories. It’s important (I think) to show them adults can play and giggle too. Lovely.

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