a walk in the park

Now that it is summer and I am not picking Abby up from preschool after work, I have been able to take my favorite route home from work which involves a walk through the park. Walking is like meditation to me and a walk through the park is so much more relaxing and rejuvinating after a long day at work then jumping off a crowded bus just before arriving home.

Of the many routes through the park, the detour through the botanic gardens may be my favorite.

Stone benches, sprinklings of English daisies, winding paths…

The day just melts away here.

What about you? Do you like to walk? Where? How do you rejuvinate after a long day?


3 thoughts on “a walk in the park

  1. What a gorgeous walk. Too bad it isn’t also on the way home from picking up Abby so you two could walk it together after school as well. I love to walk. Too hot in Phoenix until late September but we have a canal close by that I love to walk along. The city disappears. Northern Arizona also has enchanting places to wander and much cooler if I can get up there I really enjoy it.

  2. i wish we had parks like this in perth. it looks like one that i walked through when i was in glasgow a few years back.

    i love to walk but, as the weather here has been woeful for the past few weeks, i haven’t gone out as much as i would like. mostly i just like to walk around my neighbourhood and find different routes and new sights.

  3. gosh, I wish the park near my house was this pretty, it’s mostly just dry sand and wild bush. Not every hospitable. I do enjoy sitting in my garden though, and looking at all the pretty new flowers.

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