secret hideout

Happy Monday to you.

Did you have a secret hideout when you were a kid? A place you went to be all alone? I did. A few actually. There was the ivy covered tree at the end of my block. This was the most cozy. There was the pathway that all the neighborhood kids called “the junkyard” but was actually just part of someone’s yard where they kept old lawn mowers and car parts (weird). This was the most secret because we weren’t supposed to go there. There was the fenced off gravel road behind my apartment building. This was the most adventurous because there was the promise of wild blackberries that grew at the end of the road but to get there you had to climb through a hole in the fence and you might run in to Bullet and Doobie, the resident dobermans.

I still have secret hideouts. Most are close to my office and I go there during lunch to be alone. I always leave the office at lunch but there are days that it is very important that I see no one  I work with and I forget that I am working altogether. I come here when it is nice out and I am tired. It’s a lovely little roof top garden and it is very close to my office so there isn’t much walking involved.

Do you have a secret hideout? Care to share?




4 thoughts on “secret hideout

  1. I don’t think I do, unless you count my studio in the back of our house. It’s not really a hideout because there is nobody here. I work alone in an empty house most of the time but here I feel peaceful and content. I also feel that way up in Sedona, AZ so maybe that’s another kind of hideout for me 🙂

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