kindergarten ate my brain

Hello again. Remember me?

It’s been a while. I’ve been around. Not much is different except that I’ve been gobbled up by kindergarten, so everything is different. I was not prepared for how much things would change. Mostly, it’s the schedule and having to have Abby in bed at a set time every night, so no more late night Wonder Woman marathons. Bummer. Oh, and homework. Homework! Every night. On weekends. And vacations. When I was in kindergarten, I think I glued beans on construction paper. I certainly didn’t have homework.

So that is what has been taking up all my energy lately. But I’m getting used to it, settling into a routine, and freeing up some brain space.

The adjustment to kindergarten was much smoother for Abby. She loved it right away. Her school is small and sweet and lovely. Really lovely. When she is grown, her memories of elementary school will be peppered with sweeping views, historic neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, bougainvillea and the scent of wild anise.

I am slowly coming back to this space and checking in on my favorite blogs. I hope we can spend some time here together soon.

Happy Spring!


5 thoughts on “kindergarten ate my brain

  1. So happy to see you back. Missed you. I think homework in K is ridiculous. I think you shouldn’t have homework until somewhere around 4th grade but sadly, I’m not in charge of that.
    I don’t want to make you sad and say Abby looks so much older in the photo, but she kind of does. Beautiful and full of joy mind you, but you know, a tiny bit older 🙂

  2. Thanks Maureen and Jeanette! I’m glad to be back. I’ve missed this space. Jeanette – Don’t even get me started about the amount of homework schools assign these days. But sadly, it seems to be the standard. And I agree. I don’t remember having homework until around 4th grade. And Abby does look a lot older! I think it’s the hair. She decided to grow out her bangs last year and they were grown out by the time she started K. I now think of the bangs as her baby hair, and no bangs as her big kid hair. It’s ok. Any pangs of sadness I feel pass quickly because it is so amazing to watch her grow. The bigger she gets, the more fun she gets. 🙂

  3. Welcome back…sounds like you have been super busy. What age is kindergarten. Here in NZ it is 2yrs – 4yrs. So we definitely don’t get homework. Hope you are enjoying your spring. Jxx

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