happy list

Some things on my happy list:

  1. terrariums

Abby and I made terrariums for the first time over the weekend and we are hooked. I’ve been wanting to try for a while and Abby saw some in a shop in our neighborhood last week and was completely enchanted. I told her we could make some together and she couldn’t stop talking about it all week. We will definitely be making more.

  1. the perfect red nail polish for spring

I work in the beauty industry and the biggest perk of my job is free product. Lots of free product. I don’t think I can ever leave my job because I’ve become quite spoiled by it. Recently, I received an amazing gift bag from a very generous vendor. In included a beautiful red nail polish that I have become obsessed with. It is a bright and cheery red that is perfect for spring. It also has a wide, flat brush that magically makes it super easy to apply. Seriously, I am manicure challenged and I can apply this with no problem.

  1. chai cart

The Chai Cart has made its new weekday home right in front of my office. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. Especially with all the rain we have been having. I leave the fluorescent lights and recycled air of my office as often as I can and I can think of no better reason to make a quick trip out than a cup of rose chai. So good.

  1. green garlic

Green garlic has been at the farmer’s market for the last few weeks. The season is pretty short, so I make sure to get it every week while I can. And every week, I make this soup. It is, hands down, one of the best soups I have ever made and it is so simple. It has around 5 ingredients and takes no more than 30 minutes. I love the alchemy of really simple recipes. If you can find green garlic (sometimes called spring garlic), I think you should give it a try.

Happy Monday friends! What’s on your happy list?


7 thoughts on “happy list

  1. I’m new to nail polish on a regular basis myself. But I have a job where no one bats an eyelash if you are painting your nails at your desk, so I decided to take advantage of that. 😉

  2. Terrariums are so much fun and easy to put together, I’ll try to post a simple tutorial on my blog later this spring. For me, it’s good fresh coffee. I can only get coffee in delis around where I work, none are particularly good, so I’m going to bring my coffee beans/grinder to work and just make some good ol’french press myself.

  3. We love chai in this house, too! And I’m jealous about the nail polish. My first job was with a perfumery chain and I was required to wear full makeup (including the latest nail colours) every day. These days I’m lucky if I find the time to put on some foundation and blusher, never mind the nail polish!

  4. You’ve never had a driver’s license? Amazing!
    I hate to drive but live in a city that requires it.
    Love love the rock heart. We like rocks in our house, often bring them home as souvenirs from our travels. Also, I love finding hearts in nature, had a little collection of photos of them but have no idea where that’s gone to.
    My daughter would become your very best friend if she knew of your beauty supply stash. The girl loves it all. Major love.
    I’ve never even heard of green garlic!
    I live in a hole.

    • Jeanette – You are so funny! You don’t live in a hole! I had never heard of green garlic either until i saw the recipe I linked to. Then a few days later, I saw it at the farmers market. Never would have noticed it otherwise. I came across the rock heart at a beach shortly after Valentine’s day. I happen to have a heart shaped rock that Abby found sitting on my desk at work. 🙂

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