cherry blossom festival – the performance

The day was like a dream. It was hot, more summer than spring. But when we got to the holding area, we were relieved by the shade from the cherry blossom trees and a slight breeze that caused the petals from the trees to rain down on us as more onlookers than I can count clamored to get pictures of the tiny living dolls.

She did look like a doll, that girl of mine. She looked so different, so unreal.

Then as the approached the stage, the breeze picked up some more and, as Abby noted, “made her kimono look really pretty”. And my once shy girl got up on a stage in front of hundreds of people and without the slightest bit of hesitation…

brought the house down.  

The crowd loved them. They ate them up with a spoon. They applauded. They cheered.  They rushed the stage like a mad pack of paparazzi in a photographic frenzy. That last bit may be an exaggeration.

But only a slight one.

I asked if she had been nervous and she said “not at all”. And I couldn’t help marvel at her ability to get up in front of hundreds of people and remain present in the moment enough to notice the breeze that ruffled her kimono.

And when we got home, me exhausted, her energized, she wished aloud that she had a performance every day.

Every day? I have a performer on my hands.

What about you? Are you a performer? Were you when you were a child?


15 thoughts on “cherry blossom festival – the performance

  1. Just so great and they do look like little dolls, so very beautiful – all of it. Them, their costumes, the preservation of heritage – fantastic. Would very much have like to see it in person. Obviously she has found a passion, how exciting is that?
    I was a performer, loved it. Put on plays, got up on stages – no problem, all my life I’ve been this way. My daughter is the opposite. She doesn’t like to call attention to herself. Strange, she wasn’t that way until about 2nd or 3rd grade and now she seems to be coming out of it a bit again.

    • Well if they embark on a world tour, I’ll be sure to let you know when it comes to Arizona. 🙂

      I was like your daughter. I didn’t mind it until I got older and more aware of people. But I never loved it like Abby and I never had a performance of this magnitude. I’m sure I would have been nervous. Until recently, Abby abhored any kind of attention at all. This is new and quite sudden.

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  2. I’m so glad it went well! She looks just stunning. I was definitely not into performing as a child, and still had the jitters if I have to do anything upfront at church….
    Ronnie xo
    p.s. Thanks so much for Bronwyn visiting my blog and for leaving a comment, so that I could come and visit yours!

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  4. How incredibly beautiful! Abby, the kimono, the movements, everything! I was always very shy and reserved, but once I discovered the stage (first with ballet, then opera), I realised I became someone different up there. Now I’m anything but reserved…when I write at least. In real life I choose whom to be close to and open with. Maia is definitely a performer, much like Abby, and I love it.

  5. she looks so focused and beautiful! i always tell my son he belongs on a stage…his response…no, i’ll miss you too much. not sure how my daughter will be…

  6. How beautiful and adorable! I’ve never been a performer, but I love to see performances, it always amazes me how many talents people have to share.

  7. These images are striking on their own even without the context that your writing brings.
    To learn that this is your little girl and that she was a poised performer who reveled in the experience is heartwarming indeed.
    A fabulous addition to this month’s “Post Of The Month” club….I’m off to look at the photos again.

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