open house

Hello and Happy Friday! I have some behind the scenes photos from the cherry blossom festival to show you, but I thought I’d break it up a little today and show you some scenes from our visit to open studios at the Headlands Center for the Arts on Sunday.

This was the day after Abby’s performance so we were a little tired. We live close to the bridge so the Headlands are only about a 15 minute drive.

And it is such a beautiful place. The Center provides residencies to artists in rehabilitated military buildings.

There was a lot of art to see, but truth be told, we spent more time looking for friends that Abby was eager to see than we did looking at the art. We sped through a lot of the studios. But here are some pieces I enjoyed.

The image of Popeye was done in needlepoint. I am always drawn to the sort of instilation that mimics living space.

Abby thought this looked like Wall-E.

I also love wire sculptures. This piece looked so fragile in person.

I have no idea who the artists are. Like I said, we sped through. I’m lucky I got these photos. I didn’t really mind though. Once we found our friends, we took the kids out on the grounds to play. I love this area, especially in the fog. It was such a contrast to the sunshine and cherry blossoms of the day before. I feel so far from home here.

Markus showed the kids how to make birds nests and that is how we spent the rest of the afternoon.

Leaving nests around for for all the birds to find.

Have a great weekend! What are your plans?


7 thoughts on “open house

  1. The window shot and the bird’s nests have completely captured my heart. Like Maureen, I love the idea of leaving nests for the birds to find.

  2. Maureen and Danica – Thanks! The kids were so serious about it. They were building a whole neighborhood for the birds. 🙂

  3. How awesome! Both that fabulous property and making nests for birds. I’ve never done that, would love to. My daughter was home for the weekend and we attending a bridal shower for her friends. I don’t know how this happened so quickly, that she and her friends are in showers and getting married (her friends not her yet). Next up will be baby showers I suppose – seems like mine was yesterday and not 26 years ago…

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