just one more (for now)

I should really consider changing the name of this blog to “kimonos and cherry blossoms”. It seems that is all I can post about these days.

I want to thank you for all the kind comments about Abby’s performances. I have been carrying on, haven’t I? It’s just that this is one of those times when your child really surprises you. She hasn’t been taking lessons for very long and I only was able to attend a lesson 2 weeks before her big performance. So in a matter of weeks she went from a girl who would only ever consider getting up on a stage if I was allowed to go with her to a poised red carpet veteran.

I also can’t get over how beautiful the dancing is. I didn’t know anything about it a few months ago and I find myself enchanted. If you are interested, the type of dance she does is called nihon buyo and you can find a video of the San Francisco performance here.

Have a wonderful weekend! Doing anything fun?

3 thoughts on “just one more (for now)

  1. Post away. Who could tire of sweet girls and beautiful clothes 🙂 It’s exciting to watch them blossom, to bear witness to them becoming the person they are. I find it enchanting.
    We have a Cinco de Mayo party this weekend at a friend’s fancy new house. I think I am just as excited to see the home as anything else 🙂

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