What ate my brain this time?



Transitions, that’s what. Abby has trouble with them and apparently I do too. Abby loved kindergarten and was sad to see it come to an end. So I was sad for her. She is also very nervous about starting first grade because “you have to know how to read everything and the teacher won’t help you spell anything”. So I am anxious for her. And that’s where my head has been. Sometimes I think I feel everything that girl feels in addition to my own feelings, which are many.

This summer went by in a blur. Am I forever destined to say that now that I have a child? Does time ever slow down?


One thought on “What ate my brain this time?

  1. Hi B!
    I’m just getting back to blogging after a long break and this post tugged my heart (plus she is getting so big). You know, it does slow down a bit when they get older and have a life with friends and are away from you. I hope she is settling in and warming up to 1st grade.

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