this face is changing…

…and life is moving fast. You know how in Peter Pan (the book, not the cartoon) the narrator often mentions that Peter still has all his first teeth and this is how you know that he will never grow up – because he still has all his first teeth? Abby no longer has all her first teeth. Yeah. Missing teeth and permanent teeth change a child’s appearance I think. But so far, she’s still my same girl. Phew. And the slight lisp she now has gives me heart squeezes every time she speaks. So there’s that.

And the tooth fairy comes to our house now. She brings golden dollars tucked into pink satin pouches and leaves a trail of pixie dust* behind, sending Abby to school with a bit of magic still on her hands.

Anyway, my point is that life moves forward, changes, and I find I forget things. I also find that I remembered more when I visited this space more often. And not just events that I wrote about. I find that reading an old post will bring back memories of other things that happened that day, thoughts I had that week, how I was feeling that month. Do you find that to be true? Does recalling one event bring back a stream of related, if only chronologically, memories and slows time just a bit? This is what I hope to accomplish – slowing time so I can enjoy this face just a little longer.

I also hope to reconnect with some old friends, neglected in my absence, and to make some new friends here. I love visitors and would be ever so pleased if you would drop by from time to time.

*In case you are wondering, gold mineral eye shadow makes fantastic pixie dust.

4 thoughts on “this face is changing…

  1. Yes, I feel the same, especially when a memory is prompted by something I would have written. I can remember whether it was hot or not, how I felt, what the day was like (more or less). It’s one of the many things I love about blogging. I hope you stick around. You’ve been missed. x

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