Hello and happy Friday. Sometimes I need a reminder that I think the world is an amazing place, that there are wonderful and beautiful things in it. Whenever this is the case, I go looking for wonders and I am never disappointed. Some things do my heart so much good by merely existing. Here are three.

Rainbow trees:



Yes, rainbow trees! Naturally occurring rainbow trees. They are eucalyptus trees and as the bark peels, it reveals multi colored layers beneath. I totally have a thing for rainbows. And unicorns. Wouldn’t a rainbow tree forest be the perfect place for a unicorn to live? I just might want to live in a rainbow tree forest.

Frost flowers:


Frost flowers are ice crystals that form into flower shapes under specific conditions in the Arctic. The idea of delicate little ice blooms floating on the surface of the sea has me enchanted. I’m sure some dee connection could be made between frost flowers and fleeting moments, impermanence, the nature of beauty, etc. But really, I just look at them and think “Oooh, pretty.”



Gimme one of those now. Actually I’ll have two, please. Neither mouse nor deer, the mouse-deer is the tiniest member of whatever animal family hoofed mammals belong to. They are tiny and THEY HAVE HOOVES. Oh, and they are really, really cute.

What makes the world a better place for you?

Photo credits:

Rainbow treesFrost flowersMouse-deer


secret hideout

Happy Monday to you.

Did you have a secret hideout when you were a kid? A place you went to be all alone? I did. A few actually. There was the ivy covered tree at the end of my block. This was the most cozy. There was the pathway that all the neighborhood kids called “the junkyard” but was actually just part of someone’s yard where they kept old lawn mowers and car parts (weird). This was the most secret because we weren’t supposed to go there. There was the fenced off gravel road behind my apartment building. This was the most adventurous because there was the promise of wild blackberries that grew at the end of the road but to get there you had to climb through a hole in the fence and you might run in to Bullet and Doobie, the resident dobermans.

I still have secret hideouts. Most are close to my office and I go there during lunch to be alone. I always leave the office at lunch but there are days that it is very important that I see no one  I work with and I forget that I am working altogether. I come here when it is nice out and I am tired. It’s a lovely little roof top garden and it is very close to my office so there isn’t much walking involved.

Do you have a secret hideout? Care to share?



a walk in the park

Now that it is summer and I am not picking Abby up from preschool after work, I have been able to take my favorite route home from work which involves a walk through the park. Walking is like meditation to me and a walk through the park is so much more relaxing and rejuvinating after a long day at work then jumping off a crowded bus just before arriving home.

Of the many routes through the park, the detour through the botanic gardens may be my favorite.

Stone benches, sprinklings of English daisies, winding paths…

The day just melts away here.

What about you? Do you like to walk? Where? How do you rejuvinate after a long day?

when you’re 4 it’s all about sparkles

Abby: “Mama, does the water sparkle because of the sunshine and the wind?”

Me: “Well, yes.”

Abby: “Look Mama! When I do this (squints) with my eyes, it sparkles even more! And when I turn my head this way, it looks different. And when I turn my head this way, it looks different again!”

Ah, to see the world the way a four year old sees the world. This is one of my greatest goals in life.


castles, bacon and friends


Almost a year ago, one of my good friends left the city and moved into a castle about an hour away. She still works in the city and comes out frequently for brunches so I see her plenty and haven’t been out to see the castle until this past weekend.

Okay, maybe it’s not a castle, so much as a really big house with a turret and a ballroom. And maybe it’s not a ballroom, so much as a really large, sparsely furnished dining room (there is no dining table). But you get the idea. It’s really an amazing house with a kitchen worthy of any cooking show.

For the last decade, my friend lived in cozy, single girl garden studios. Then more recently, a small downtown loft in a sketchy neighborhood with her husband. It’s just the two of them so furnishing the castle is slow going. Case in point: they have a stuffed animal room. Abby couldn’t stop twirling and leaping across the floor of the dining room/”ballroom”.

Speaking of those single girl garden studios, I have spent many lazy Sundays in them. Another friend and I would have marathon brunches (can you still call it brunch if it lasts until 7pm?) sitting at a little table by an open window, gauzy white curtains blowing in the breeze. Invariably, the menu consisted of cinnamon buns and bacon. A tray of each coming out of her tiny oven every few hours and accompanied by several pots of good strong coffee. We would munch and chat and laugh and scheme all day until sunset.  

I wanted to bring something to our Saturday lunch that would remind us of those lazy Sundays. I found just the thing in this recipe for peanut butter and bacon cookies. Oh yes, I made peanut butter and bacon cookies and I think you should too. Oh the gluttony! Salty, sweet, crystallized and maple-y. I am still full but it was worth it. If you decide to make them, make sure you have good coffee and good friends to accompany them.

What gluttonous treats do you like to share with friends?