magic door

fairydoor1 fairydoor2

Look what Abby found in the park last week. A tiny door on one random tree amongst many trees, so easy to miss. But Abby did not miss it and we went over to examine it. It is beautifully made and it fits the hole perfectly. It’s even hinged to the tree! Children have been leaving little notes and acorns for the fairy who must certainly live here.

This sort of thing is so good for my soul. It just makes me happy to know that there is a person out there who thought make a beautiful fairy door for a random tree in the park. Or maybe it wasn’t a person at all…maybe it was a fairy…

Have you spotted any magic lately?


picnic in the park


I took yesterday and today off from work to give myself a little Spring break. Yesterday I helped my best friend celebrate her birthday. I made her lunch, we went to the beach, I made her this for dinner and baked her a cake.

Today is Family Fun Day. We had grand plans of getting out of the house early, driving down the coast a bit and getting back early enough for Pip’s nap. Well, we didn’t make it out of the house before Pip’s nap (oops) so M went to work for a little bit while she naps. We are going to have family fun when he gets back. Instead of going down the coast I think we will stay local and go to Musee Mecanique. We’ll see.

The above photo was taken in Golden Gate Park about 90 years ago. The girl on the far left is my grandmother Estelle. My great grandmother Elsie May is the woman in the hat with flowers. The little boy in the middle and the two little girls to his right are my grandmother’s brother and sisters. The rest are cousins, aunts and uncles. I imagine that day was a day very much like today.

Enjoy your weekend!