monday thoughts on a tuesday


Hello Tuesday. I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. It was unbelievably beautiful here. So beautiful that for most of the weekend I forgot to miss winter. It was hot yesterday, so I am back to missing it again.

Saturday was about as close to perfect as a day can get for me. Birthday brunch for my bestie on a shady garden patio with Edith Piaf playing in the background, moving to a sidewalk table of a nearby corner café with French macaroons and sparkling water to pass the time before getting a tattoo with the birthday girl that evening, followed by more café sitting. Yeah, I like hanging out in café’s and I can’t tell you how lucky I feel that Abby does too. It was the sort of day that is good for my soul.


Sunday was all about Abby spending time with her bestie and a nice sushi dinner with the bestie’s family – Abby’s first sushi boat experience.


I kind of forgot all about Earth Day and didn’t do anything special. I saw a march go by my office but I don’t think that counts. What did you do for Earth Day?

2 thoughts on “monday thoughts on a tuesday

  1. I love your tattoos! I’m too much of a chicken to get one done, but would love something discreet one day. As for Earth Day…I haven’t been online much this past week and I don’t watch the news or read newspapers so I only remembered when it was over! :-/

  2. Haha! I remembered the day of and I was at work for most of the day. Oh well, there’s always next year. And thanks! You should totally get one! 😉

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